Real-Time Production Tracking

Track your orders in real-time

Ensure complete order shipments, accurate delivery times & dramatically reduce costs.

Manufacturers we address


Kitchen - Closet

Furniture Manfuacturers Im3

Wood Cutting Shops


Living Room & Office


Smooth operation in heavy workload

Stay organized during periods of heavy workload ensuring a continuous flow of your production. Focus on what matters to you, instead of constantly being in production

Completed order shipments

Ensure that the entire order is shipped. The software ensures that you do not forget a single door that will delay installation.

Dramatic cost reduction

Save tens of productive hours every day. In a production of 12 people, the time savings throughout the company reach up to 40 hours per week.

Keep up with promised delivery times

Increase your productivity and keep up with promised delivery times. Identify problems and delays immediately.

Real-time remote control

Track your orders in real-time from everywhere, even remotely from your mobile. Enter specifications wherever you are, ensuring impeccable service.

Automatic customer notification

Upon completion of the order, an email notification can be sent to your customer automatically, to contact you. At the same time you can send the progress of his order, via email minimizing phone calls.

Priority changes with Drag & Drop

Change priorities via a drag & drop tool.  In sudden orders, the software re-schedules all the work orders, in all workstations automatically.

A SaaS solution


Manufacturing Tracking
8 Monthly
  • Drag & Drop production scheduling
  • Smart workflows
  • Historicals

Standard Plan

ERP Integration & Time Measurement
12 Monthly
  • 2-Way communication with ERP via API
  • Comments from operators & barcode system
  • Export production master data to Excel

Pro Plan

Business Intelligence
25 Monthly
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Machine Learning for production targets
  • Reporting suite

Enter Industry 4.0 era

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