A SaaS IoT platform for manufacturing

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For pricing

We suggest starting from the Standard plan and do not try to consider everything at once. Then upgrade according to your needs. Moreover, the BASIC plan, unburden you from the volume of production management and give you 100% production tracking, management & control.

BASIC & STANDARD plans cover all the needs in order to eliminate papers inside production, integrate with existing ERP/MRP system, and upgrade the way you control & manage your production. See the difference between plans here.

The above plans provide Real-Time reports for order completion, workstation workload, and complete reports for work orders in the outturn.

Each Epoptia account is FREE in the Basic Package, for a 15 day Trial period.

No, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan for the total number of workstations. Switching between plans is very easy, such as the fluctuation of the workstations.

No, Epoptia MES cannot be downloaded.

It is a Cloud-based IoT platform and everything is working properly in the Cloud.

For those who need extra customizations and there is a need for On-Premise installations, please contact us.

Yes, you can.

You can switch between plans any time you want. 

You have to know that any special algorithm that is offered in PRO plan, will run only during PRO plan activation. Including Reporting and Machine Learning algorithms.

Give your production a boost

Enter Industry 4.0 era.